Hear our Conductor Fest Concert on May 1
Led by Seven Ensemble Musicians!


1. Andy Pease: Percy Grainger's Handel in the Strand, Martin Ellerby's Paris Sketches, and Kelijah Dunton's Stillwater.  
2. Amy Hoxie: John Williams' Raiders March and Sondheim/Bernstein's Somewhere from "West Side Story"
3. Cheryl Nages:  Von Suppe's "Light Cavalry" Overture
4. Ushuaia Diaz:  Frank Erickson's Toccata for Band
5. Paul Durgala: Johnnie Vinson's arrangement of Nettleton, an early American Hymn Tune
6. Paul Blake:  Henry Fillmore's Americans We March
7. Deanna Perkosky:  Jennifer Higdon's Rhythm Stand

It's a fetching combination of classics, new works, film music, and Broadway.  Join us! 



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