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Because of the pandemic, we have reluctantly cancelled all full-band rehearsals and concerts until fall 2021.  

Our last rehearsal was on March 11, 2020, just a few days before New York State shut down the schools and began to impose physical distancing and home sheltering throughout the state.  We'd hoped those measures would slow the pandemic to the point that we could resume rehearsals at Oneonta High School a few weeks before our May 3 concert, present the concert, and then cease operations, as usual, until fall.   

However, that plan became impossible as the spring outbreak refused to abate and as a second wave in late summer closed rehearsal and concert spaces to us, ruling out safe full-ensemble playing in any indoor setting.  The fall concert had to be cancelled, which was to have taken place on November 15, 2020.  

BUT...for summer listening, on the Home Page we've posted videos of Sousa's Washington Post (1889) and Michael Markowski's Camerado (2013).  As a traditional favorite and a contemporary work that's likely to become so, these represent the blended programming of familiar and new that we prefer. 

Washington Post became a hit in its time because it turned out to be perfect music for the popular "two-step" dance craze then in vogue, and it is now the best-known Sousa march after The Stars and Stripes Forever.  Camerado celebrates family and friends in the jaunty spirit of "Hey, Bro!"  We think it's perfect for a time when we are renewing friendship as the pandemic abates, and so the performance is punctuated by photos of friends and family not seen for a long time.

We have bravely scheduled our fall concert for November 14 at First United Methodist Church, Oneonta, with funding generously supplied by the New York State Council on the Arts Decentralization Program, administered by the Earlville Opera House.  Let's hope COVID cooperates!


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